Scalable across SME and Enterprise level organizations. Improved management of five levels of Production Value.

Supports the decision-making process to mitigate damage to the organization. Offers a wide range of risk management including: starting from IT security risks to health & safety risks, business continuity risks, asset management risks and corporate governance risks.


Facilitates the collaboration and sharing of risk knowledge. Aligned with international Risk Management standards, in particular; ISO 31000:2009, Risk  Management Standard of Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA) and Institute of Risk Management criteria (IRM).

Riesko differs from other Risk Management solutions, for its versatility, ease of navigation along with; Multilingual System, Chronological Recording, Any Type of Device, SaaS, Geolocation and a long list of other industry leading features and functionality.


Riesko faces and solves the difficulties of managing the process of risk assessment no matter the size of the organization. The platform allows for structuring, organizing and standardizing of the process while simplifying the results integration of the evaluation procedures. In addition, it allows you to expand the participation and visibility of your processes.


“Riesko proposes a new concept of risk management, not only as a system to prevent damage, but also as an effective way to support the achievement of planned business objectives.”