RIESKO® Proof of Concept

A «Proof of Concept» (POC) is the best way to get a wide and detailed understanding of the tool functionalities.

A POC allows a real and live evaluation, using consistent and recognizable data, and its compliance and consistency with the Company Risk Management approach.

This document describes the RIESKO® functionalities to be tested during the PROOF OF CONCEPT.


  • Full access to the RIESKO® Saas Infrastructure
  • RIESKO®configuration and parametrization according to the client guide lines
  • POC Scope definition:
    – 2 critical processes
    – Risk matrix configured accordingly with the company Risk Management approach
    – Inventory data loading according to the scope (sites, personnel, IT, etc.) (to be provided by the customer accordingly to the standard RIESKO® template)
  • Effort
    – Elapsed max 20 days;
    – Client effort: 2-4 man/days (accordingly to the POC Scope)


Upon a positive result of the PROOF OF CONCEPT the CUSTOMER agrees to request a formal RFP for RIESKO®